Thursday, 19 January 2017

Logo design trends in 2017

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Although the basic philosophy of logo design is to build a mark that customers will regconize, convey the ethos of the brand in the way that resonates with and instantly understand its message, logo design trends vary from year to year. In some periods, the logo is the complex symbol with so many details, but in some other periods, the logo that is simple, easy to understand is preferred. Of course there are many logos that are timeless and distinct. They're simple but still modern and consistent with contemporary graphic design trends.

Of course designing a logo that meets many varied expectations is no easy task.

Here are some predictions for the most influential logo design trends for 2017.


One of the contemporary graphic design trends is simple, less details so many brands are choosing to simplify the details in their logo, reproducing a much cleaner and more modern effect.

Simplification is a very strong trend if you're looking to refresh your logo. It works well across digital channels.

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Mastercard rebranded in 2016. Its logo was updated with a streamlined, simple design. The recent Mastercard's logo retains the iconic red and yellow overlapping circles. Mastercard's audience can still easily and instantly recognise the brand but their logo looks like simpler and takes a much cleaner approach.

A similar example is Paypal's logo.

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OpenView branding by Pentagram

The letter "O" in the OpenView's logo is broken to visually communicate openness.

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Scala Fund Advisory  logo branding by Bond

Scala is a fund advisory business which advertises their ability to elevate businesses. The letter "A" in the Scala's logo is broken to introduce a rising diagonal line communicating the idea of elevation.


How is there less and less colour in logos?

The reductionist method of design is giving each individual colour the space to shine. Simple colour palettes visually create the sense of more colour.

The Blinkbox's logo is an example.

Blinkbox logo, via Chase, Simple color palette logo, logo design, logo design trend, logo design trends 2017, Blinkbox logo free, simple color palette, logo, design
Blinkbox logo via The Chase


Geometry is nothing new in the world of logo design. It has probably been trending for a long time. In the contemporary graphic design trends, it's still favored.

To create an unique and stylish logo, you can't go wrong with geometric shapes.

It's also a smart idea to rebrand your logo and modernise brand identity if your business has gone through a stage of growth.

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Although hand-drawn logos are not easy to work with in digital formats, hand-drawn logos are timeless. They feel so fresh, comforting, human and grounded. They can be worth the effort and bring a touch more authenticity to a brand.

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Reach Radio logo via Logopond


By "cutting" images out of negative spaces, designers create masterpieces. Negative spaces logos are not only something you see first, they're able to convey more deeper messages. That makes negative space logos become much more special.

Negative space logos also feel so fresh, modern and work well across digital channels.

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Spartan Golf Club logo designed by Richard Fonteneau

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